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PCG Professional Members

Piedmont Culinary Guild is a grassroots effort to create a working dialogue among local food professionals by providing a unified platform. It is open to farmers, chefs, food artisans, culinary educators, distillers, brewers, and other culinary professionals committed to sharing strengths and building our local food economy.

PCG strengthens the local chef and culinary community by sharing resources, educating consumers, and establishing regional recognition.

Membership is by invitation only.

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PCG Tastemakers

Tastemakers is an exclusive society within Piedmont Culinary Guild, created to support the Guild’s mission of connecting individuals and communities to local food: the people who grow it, as well as the chefs and artisans who prepare it.

It is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to preserve our unique flavors of the Piedmont and ensure long-term sustainability or our regional culinary distinctiveness.

Limited to 200 subscribers.

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